Helping Solidify What Your Child Learns In Preschool

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It is extremely important as a parent of a preschooler to help reinforce what your child is learning in school. After all, the child has learned their whole life that they can trust you more than anyone. There are many simple things you can do at home to help them master the skills they are learning.


Reading is one of the most emphasized skills throughout school. This is especially true in preschool, as children are just beginning to learn how to read. With the assistance of your child's teacher, find some books that are at their reading level and read with them every night. Even reading aloud to the child can be extremely beneficial. Some families choose to alternate pages with the child, meaning that you read one page and your child reads the next.

It is also important to ensure that the child is able to comprehend what they are reading. Talk about what is happening throughout the story. You may even find it beneficial to ask the child some questions about the book. The child will learn to view reading as a fun and relaxing time with mom or dad. This will help make sure that the child enjoys reading throughout their lifetime.


It is very easy to incorporate math into your every day lives. On road trips, have the child count how many cows they see. In the grocery store, show the child that there are twelve eggs in a dozen. You can even allow the child to help count out the money when you reach the checkout stand. The child will quickly learn how important math will be in their everyday lives.


A simple way to teach geography is to allow the child to look at maps. Hang a map up somewhere in your home and ask the child to point out where various family members live, or where certain places are. If your family is going on a long trip, draw your route on a map and ask the child to tell you what states you will be traveling through. This will not only teach them to read a map, but will help keep them occupied throughout the trip!


Encourage your child to write and draw regularly. You can begin by writing letters and having them copy them below. Once they've mastered all the letters, have them write short words, including their name. After awhile, they can begin to write and illustrate their own stories. This will not only help develop handwriting, but will contribute to good reading skills.

By showing your preschooler all the ways they can use their knowledge, you will help them become eager to learn about the world around them!