6 Questions To Ask During Your Day Care Center Tour

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As a parent, you want the best for your child. Finding an amazing day care center to leave your child all day long can be challenging. You need to visit a number of day cares and ask the right questions to ensure you settle for the best. Here are some questions to ask during your tour.

1. Can You Provide More Details About the Daily Schedule?

Different day care centers use different schedules. Some operate in an all-day free model with meal and nap breaks, while others follow a highly structured program. Before making your decision, you need to know what your child will be doing during the day. Thus, it is essential to inquire about the schedule.

2. How Much Does It Cost?

Always consider your budget when shopping for a day care center. Ask how much their services cost and the frequency of the payment. Will you be paying daily or monthly?

3. Is There a Fine If You Are Late for Pick-up?  

Despite your best effort, you can sometimes run late due to unavoidable circumstances. So, you need to know how they treat late pick-ups. Some centers charge a fine, while some will contact your nearby friend or family contacts who can pick your child up if you run late.

4. How Often Do the Kids Nap?

When looking to enroll a child in a day care center, you need to know how often they will nap. Younger babies need frequent naps for their development. So, ask about the naptime. You can inquire if there is a specific naptime or if the babies nap when they are tired. Also, inquire if there are nap rooms where the babies nap.

5. Do You Give Updates?

Entrusting your child to someone else is a great first step. But, it can be hard, especially as a first-time parent. You might feel the urge to know what is going on with your child, especially on serious matters like health. Ask about how often the caregivers give updates. Do they give updates periodically every day or weekly? Although the day care center staff has a lot to do and takes care of different children, a little correspondence sometimes can put your mind at ease.

6. What Do You Do If a Child Is Injured?

Children love playing and can sometimes injure each other accidentally. So, discuss how to communicate about injuries with the caregiver. Inquire if they have a sick policy to know how to prepare. Some policies dictate pick-ups, while some allow missed school days.

Finding the best day care center for your child can be stressful, but ask the above questions to determine which center is best for your child.

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